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Many of our clients have needed to charter all types of private jets from time to time. We ensure that every aspect of your air charter needs from the first phone call to the final flight arrival is well looked after.

Our team is here to provide first class service to clients, ensure quality maintenance of air-crafts by qualified personnel while conforming to international standards.

Our rates are extremely competitive and reasonable while ensuring your safety and we are available 24/7. Please remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Capt. Henry Ogunyemi | CEO

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Our Services

Chartering a private jet is easy!

Vip Charter
Traveling by private jet is the ultimate time management resource for today's traveller. When time is of the essence, Onedot Aviation proves indispensable, maximizing your trip and minimizing disruption to your working day or private life. Chartering a private jet allows you fly direct to your destination when you want to instead of rigid airline schedules and crowded terminals. Chartering a private jet will let you chose when you fly and what type of private jet you need. It's all about you and your needs. Once you learn how easy it is to fly in a private jet, a whole new world of options will be available to you. Our experienced and professional staff will go the extra mile to ensure you have a pleasant travel.

Air Ambulance
We also operate medical evacuation flights with experienced crew to all destinations.

We have a dedicated service team on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We know that travel plans change and so also the place, time of departure, the destination and last minute alterations, all these we understand and it does not bother us as we are flexible to the need of our clients.

Aircrafts Available for Charter;
  • Hawker 800XP
  • Challenger 604/605
  • Falcon 2000
  • Falcon 900

Large Group Charter


Fuel Services

We deliver purified and properly filtrated Jet A1 fuel, laying more emphasis on quality assurance and proper product handling.
We also provide:
  • Technically experienced personnel for into plane fueling and handling.
  • Highly modernized Bowser/ refeullier with absolute filtration system.
  • Ontime delivery to eliminate flight delays.
  • All round product availability for our prospective clients.

Aircraft Management
Do you own a business aircraft or do you want to buy your own business aircraft?
Onedot Aviation offers you the possibility of optimizing the use of your
aircraft and reducing costs by providing the following:
  • crew support (pilots and cabin crews)
  • crew training
  • operational support
  • parking/hangarage
  • Insurance
  • Aircraft washing and cleaning
  • Maintenance planning (scheduled & unscheduled)
  • 24/7 watch
  • Planning of flights and coordination of all in-flight provisions.
  • We analyse the aircraft utilisation and make suggestions as to the effectiveness of the aircraft.

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Other Services:

Aircraft Handling
We also make arrangements for:
  • Apron access for limousines
  • Immigration, customs and diplomatic formalities.
Flight Operations
  • Flight planning
  • Flight clearances
  • Aircraft parking
  • Security
  • Procurement of landing and over-flight permissions.

Acquisition & Consulting
  • We can offer expert help if you are thinking of buying or selling an aircraft.
  • We can analyse your air transportation needs and the current aircraft market and suggest an appropriate aircraft.
  • We can work out alternatives to your current or planned aircraft.
We also specialise in arranging WET and DRY leases, particularly for the African markets.

Crew Support & Recruitment
  • We supply qualified, professional and experienced pilots.
  • We also supply experienced flight-attendant on demand.
  • We arrange all necessary initial and recurrence training for pilots and cabin crew.

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